Monday, September 13, 2010

Amelie Textual Analysis

The director of Amelie uses the ideological style of magical realism to show what type of character Amelie is and what type of environment she lies in. By using this image, the director can show that Amelie is very lonely and unsocial, which contributes to the plot later in the movie. The director also wants to show that even though Amelie lives in a boring environment, she can use her imagination to make her life seem more fun and interesting, thus making the movie more fun and interesting. By giving Amelie's imagination life, the director is trying to give the impression that Amelie is a unique person. Also he brings her imagination to life because it would make the movie more interesting and easier to follow.

In this scene, the director uses a different color or tinting from the film to show that this is a flashback. He uses this style to show the difference between past and present. He wants to make the movie more simple in which the audience can understand whats happening and know that this scene is taking place in the past. The director also wants to reveal that the memories of other characters are not as important than the main character's, but at the same time he uses less color to show that they're still important to the movie. If they were less important, the flashbacks would be in black and white.

The director of Amelie uses this scene to contribute to the story by Amelie discovering who she is as the movie progresses. He uses the painting as a symbol of Amelie that fits into the plot of the story. Amelie wants to do good things for other people, but she doesn't see who she is while she does these things. By showing the painting to Amelie, she can figure out who she is and what she wants, which expresses the theme that if a person doesn't know who they are, then they will never get what they want. The director wanted to show this theme throughout the whole movie and wanted the audience to learn from Amelie that everyone's life is interesting. 
The director uses a motion where the character seems to be spinning around. He uses this to show that the character has either realized something or is deeply worried about something else. In this case, the character has realized something that was a mystery throughout the movie. He also uses the color orange as a symbol throughout the movie to show the culture and style around the character and where the scene takes place.


  1. Good job with the first picture, magical realism was a good point in making, especially since she is feeding the "imagenary alligator". The second picture, I dont think less important flash backs would be in black and white, black and white is just a different style. In the third picture you made a good point with the picture symbolizing Amelie and where she is in her life. The fourth picture was good in the point about realizing the mystery, for the character was shocked at that moment of bewilderment.

  2. The comment on magic realism and your analysis of the director's take on each image was good in showing your understanding of the camera work and scenes. The only criticism would be add literary features to support your analysis of the images and further develop the director's shots.