Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baraka Film Response

       "Baraka" is a unique film that has no plot, but has amazing scenes from throughout the world. The film is titled Baraka or "breath" to show how different people and locations throughout the world have their own pace. It seems that these different locations are connected by sharing a similar pulse that seems like breathing as the time is speed up. The film also shows the connection through the different cultures by this "breath" as well as through life itself.
        Baraka gives out the message that everything in the world is connected. The shots sometimes try to compare different cultures as it cuts through all the different locations throughout the world. Like when the Buddists monks are praying in Nepal, it is almost similar to when the Jewish people are praying in Jerusalem.
The absence of voice and text affected the goal of a global perspective by allowing the audience to focus on the locations and pulse of the world while not being distracted by voices. It allows the audience to analyze the movie and create their own opinion of what the theme of the story is.
Some of the modern cities connected with nature. Like when the movie shows the scenes of the flamingos across African waters, sort of relates to the cigarette factory in Indonesia by comparing how close together each of the birds and workers are. It shows that modern society in the city is just like nature in how we go on to survive.
        The film also shows the calmness of spiritual and religious cultures as compared to the fast moving modern cities. The two paces seem to balance each other out as if they work together to pace each other. Like when the monk is walking through the city, he seems peaceful while the city behind him is loud and uproaring. The audience seems to focus more on the monk as much as the background which shows that they are in balance with each other.

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