Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Documentary Prepro-

Purpose: To inform the how the military impacted a person's life.

Contacts: Military soldiers, family members, civilians

Interview Questions: What does it take to be in the military?
                                How has the military affected your life?
                                How has the military affected family's life?
                           What experiences have you encountered that have changed who you are?
                                Describe the war. How has that affected you?
                               What made you want to join the military?
                                Has the military impacted who you are today?

General flow: The beginning will have a intro of the people involved in the film and background knowledge of the people, military, and other events that recently involve the military(wars, etc.). The middle will probably include pictures of the soldier in the military and probably interviews as well as videos of training or other things. The end would probably show how the person has changed or what they are doing now.

Shot List: Shots of pictures they have in the military
               Videos of training
               Shots of where they live now
               Shots of what they do if they are out of the military or still in it

Scripts: Maybe closeups of the speaker and show their reaction or the emotion in their face if they talk about something personal. Some footage with the voices playing over it that relates to what their talking about.

Intro: Shots of the person or military footage of different wars.

Closing: Maybe shots of airplanes to show that the person is going to a different country.


  1. Sounds like a good idea. You might want to start with the photos, then go to the military and other current events just to show a passage of time. Do you plan to have the interview and your switch to B-roll, do you plan to switch back and forth between B-roll and the interview? I think this category should be a strong one, and you might want to consider putting some parts in black and white to add to the psychological impact of someone who served in the military.

  2. This piece seems to be very interesting. However i feel that getting actual footage will be the most challenging part of this project. The best type of footage would be footage of soldiers today and how they are today. Not of soldiers or wars of the past. If you're able to get footage of the present soldiers then youre project should be a really good and interesting one.

  3. I like the idea of a documentary on the military but think it will be very hard to execute. To get footage of soldiers training and in action would take a lot of time and would be risky. Make sure tough if you follow through with this idea you get soldiers who already fought who are in the verge of finishing there term and who are actaully serving right now. Your shots should have a variety of close ups long shots medieum shots and some rack focus to make it an accurate intrepretation of the military life. It will be boring with simple shots that show no depth.

  4. The idea of getting footage of the army training is a really good idea but, like said before would be extremely difficult to obtain, and although it would increase the energy of the film, it may be to distracting from the interviews themselves. Also, I'd recommend coming up with new questions, because most of these are related to the impact and results and effects of things. It's just kind of repetitive, so I'd suggest coming up with more in depth questions about their individual jobs or roles in and outside the army.