Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Short Documentary Blog Post: "I Have Broke Parents"

The show documents the lives of two teens who have to deal with the burden of worrying about financial problems of their family. This documentary shows how the two teens, Jobe and Ashley, deal with the stress of having to help out their parents.

I think the video is trying to show that there are people just like us, who often have to deal with a financial struggle that takes away from having a normal teenage life. As the camera focuses on Jobe, he says that due to having to help and worry about his family, he doesn't have time to spend time with his friends. I think that since Jobe knows he can't do the things he wants and is calm and peaceful about it, he seems to be very strong which I think can help improve the situation.

The camera work really supports the character's commentary and what their trying to say. As the character would say something, there would be a video of what that person is talking about. The shots also show how the family is dealing with their situation which gives it a sense of realness and the audience can see their emotion and what they do to make it.

 The editing also contributes to the emotion. There would be voice overs in the video that describe what the person is feeling at the time which gives the audience more attention. It also allows the audience to see the final and perfected vision of the characters as well as the film.

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