Monday, December 6, 2010

Hurt Locker Analysis

The film The Hurt Locker was a good movie in which it gives a excellent perspective on soldiers or EOD who defuse bombs(IED). The film shows how soldiers are affected by the war that's going on around them and by living with the fear of making a choice in a life-death situation. It also does a good job with communicating the emotions of each individual soldier and how they are personally affected by the war. 

The director of the film is Kathryn Bigelow and she has had experience directing films. He film The Hurt Locker won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Picture and because of The Hurt Locker she was the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director. The film was made around the Iraq War which was a big influence on the film. I think this film can relate to other movies that have to do with the effects of war and this film also can relate to other films that show how different two societies can be. A theme that I see is that everyone reaches a point in their lives where they have to decide between the one thing they love or living a boring life, which i guess could relate to defusing a bomb because you have to choose the right wire to live.

The style of the film is not like the typical movie with smooth shots and lots of wide angles. The film has a sort of documentary style where the camera is like a home movie and there's a lot of closeups to see the reactions on the actors face. The actors are sort of unknown because if the director were to use famous actors, it would take away the tension and feeling of the movie being real, which has a big effect on the audience as they feel like this was what really happened. The uses of explosives and props also gives the sense of real life and the danger that takes place in Iraq or Jordan.

I think the film tries to recreate a form of realism because the camera that was used made the movie look like people were doing a documentary and following soldiers around, but this is not a documentary. It seems like this movie was filmed by a regular camera and I thought this added to the emotion of the characters because it actually allows the audience to feel the tension and feel how the actors of feeling. This style makes the movie seem real because the director uses a lot of closeups which catches the actors emotions and the lighting also brings out the effect because some parts of the film is hard to see becuase its at night and night is sort of pitch black with some light from the building. So it seems like there's no extra lighting or fixed lighting.

The editing style of the film is based on the emotion of the scene. The scenes that are fast paced have shots that cut very fast to build the tension of the scene and then once the tension stops, there would be slower and longer shots to catch the actors emotions, which makes the audience feel the same way as the actor. Also the manipulation of time in one shot also adds to the tension or intensity of the situation in the shot where the audience can get the full effect of the event taking place. Also long slow shots are used when a character in the film is expressing there emmotions and conversations about what they have to go through everyday to survive and living with constant fear of death.

I think a motif from this film is the rules of war. What I mean by this is that there are certain things that a soldier has to do to remind himself that this is war and if you make a mistake, it could lead to failure or death. Like a soldier who can become attached to the people around him if he's on enemy territory, can make the mistake of caring for this person and risking their lives for them. Like the scene where James thinks that this kid he knows and plays around with is dead and tries to find the people responsible, but does something stupid and ends up finding the kid the next day. This shows that soldiers shouldn't grow an attacthment to the locals around him especially in war because he could endanger himself or others. Throughout this the audience feels the same thing that actor feels in every scene which also makes them feel tricked.

The structure of the narrative provides a sense of realism because its based aorund a EOD team in the Iraq War. Since many civilians have never had the experience of seeing the war in person, the movie gives a sense of what soldier go through and the war's effects on them. The story is focused on 3 characters who are all effected by the war in their own ways. This can be seen by the audience through the use of dialogue because each character has their own attitude and emotions that add to the story by giving it a purpose or goal that the director is trying to acheive, which is to convince the audience to feel for these characters.The narrative is mainly based on content because there's not a lot of action, there's mostly a lot of drama, which can be seen by the various closeups of the characters.

I thought the film has a strong effect on the audience and does a good job of trying to portray the effects of war. The plot of the film was good because it entertains the audience through mostly drama like emotions and effects of the characters instead of just action by itself.

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