Friday, January 28, 2011

Sound Treatment

Logline: A boy grows increasingly aware of his girlfriend who won't stop following him he will have to make a choice at the end.(during each scene, sounds of the place/environment the scene takes place)

Treatment: A boy is seen walking through the streets (music plays suggesting he is very cool). He sees a girl and (as he walks past her, music plays very calm and soothing) she ends asking him for his phone number and he gives her his number.

In the girls room (close up of hand with phone seeing and hearing her dial. Phone rings in boys room and picks up. we see them talking on the phone (to shots in one frame showing both people). Shot of the clock reading 7:10(can hear the clock). we see both faces: boys seems tired and somewhat annoyed while the girl is blabbering and taking really fast. fade in shots of them over time. fade to the clock reading 12:25. fade to boy and girl in same frame. boy is sleeping while still on phone while girl is still talking really fast not noticing that the boy has gone to sleep. fade shot off the scene. (throughout this whole scene, sounds of enjoying girl voice plays).

Boy is seen walking through the streets. he sees the girl and he and the audience can hear the enjoying voice everytime she walks in the scene. he stares blankly at her and she comes up to him saying hey lets go hang somewhere and she grabs his arm and they go off somewhere. next shot they are seen sitting somewhere and she is still blabbering on and on. the boy has a blank stare on his face(sounds of annoying voice when closeup of boy). sound of car passing(sound bridge to him walking on the street)

boy walking on street and hears ennoying voice of the girl. looks behind and sees the girl. starts walking really fast and gets away.

boy is the store looking at the shelf of food. hears the enjoying voice and looks around worried. sees the girl and he avoids her.

shot fade in to boy picking up phone in his room. can her the dial tone. shot of both boy and girl in the frame. girl picks up shes, outside somewhere. boy tells her something that upsets her. he hangs up. frame expands only to girl in the frame. shes outside his house walking away. boy looks out the window confused.


The film meets the requirements because it sets up a leitmotif for the characters so when the girl comes into the scene an annoying voice can be heard. Each scene has the sound of each enviornment like hearing cars or the clock or the phone. Each action in the film should have a specific sound relating to what the character is doing. there's a sound bridge from one scene to the next with the sound of the car passing to the scene on the street.

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  1. The intent of the scene is to dramatize a boy trying to get away from his girlfriend that will not stop following him
    The plot points are when the girl asks the boy for his number, the girl’s and boy’s room when she is droning onto him for hours, when the girl grabs the boy to go hang out, and im not really sure because the plot seems incorrect. How can he see the girl behind him when shes walking right besides him?
    The Climax of each scene is unclear, for I am not sure if this is supposed to be a horror film, or a romantic film.
    The Resolution is unclear for it says “the boy looks out the window confused”, but I am confused on the purpose of this last scene. The resolution may be that the boy is finally able to get away from the girl, since she walks away.
    The conclusion of the treatment is that the boy ends up being confused himself.
    There doesn’t seem to be a clear sense of dialog at all. I am not sure what use you are going to make of important dialog, but the droning and annoying voice of the girl might be useful.
    I think the girl pushes the story forward, for shes the one that the boy is afraid of, but then hes not really afraid of her for the plot ends with the boy feeling confused.
    I think you should improve the narrative by making the ending clearer, and Im not certain of the significance of the last scene. I think the beginning is good of when you fade out between the different times of when the girl is droning incessantly.

  2. The intent of the scene is to show the boys increasingly awareness of how annoying this girl is that he just met. I use sound to develop the character throughout the story.
    The plot points are when the boy starts running away everytime he sees this girl letting the audience know how each character is affected by the other
    The climax is when the boy gets tired of the girl following him so he does something about it.
    The resolution of the scene is when the boy decides to pick up his phone and actually say something to the girl to leave him alone.
    The conclusion is the girl walking away from the scene with this sad look on her face and she’s actually walking away from the boys house with the boy looking outside confused
    The important lines of dialogue are in the conclusion when the boy talks to her on the phone
    I think the girl pushes the story forward .

  3. well waris, i think this call for a solid film. i think the voice is a good leitmotif and the use of sound bridges is good. one question i have to ask you is how are you going to show the girl constantly talking in a way tht wont be repetitive to the audience. i believe the plot is straight forward and not cnfusing at all. but i remember having trouble on my last project finding a girl so hopefully that wont be a problem. i like it a lot because i see it being interesting ina funny way and that everything is doable.

  4. I think this film has some interesting dynamic aspects to it, but is a little perplexing and seems like various genres tied together, comedy, drama, romance.
    The intent of the scene is to show a boy experiencing a stalker girlfriend, heightening the sounds of each transition.
    The plot points seem to be each different scene the girl tries to bug the boy and make him more annoied each time until his patience wheres out.
    The climax of each scene seems to be that everytime the girl speaks her voice pulls the boy further away.
    The resolution seems to be one last calm which the boy breaks of ties with the girl.
    the conclusion seems to be doleful in the sense that the girl gets heart-broken but the boy moves on.
    Important lines of dialogue could be primarily the break up lines of the last call the boy makes to the girl.
    It seems like the boy controls the scene since he determines the overall mood of the film.
    Lastly to improve this film you can incorporate more sounds than simple sounds like the phone ringing or going off, those sounds seem bland and common resulting in a boring sound design, which is the main aspect of this film.