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Oral Presentation- Part 3 Narrative and Scene Analysis

The Departed


The film is constructed by showing the increasing tension of the main characters as each character tries to find out each others identity throughout the movie, which creates accelerating suspense in the audience. One of the characters is a police officer who is an informant for an Irish mob in Boston, Massachusetts, while the other is an undercover agent in the same mob who is an informant for the police. As the story goes on, each character grows increasingly aware of each other trying to find their identities.

The narrative is organized by plot since the audience is not aware of how much time has passed. It is clearly organized by plot because each scene is kept flowing by continuing the story of the main characters.

I don't think the film uses other principles besides narrative sequencing because the film is probably known for the plot and doesn't really try to focus on other aspects like time or themes.

The nature of our engagement with the characters is that we are exposed to each character's emotional effect as they are trapped by betrayal and loyalty in each other's individual stories.

Film Language and Representation     http://www.craigerscinemacorner.com/Reviews/departed.htm

Characters and issues are represented through the setting which involves mainly Irish Americans living in the corrupt society of Boston as the police clash with the mobs through double agents.

The style and effect of acting and performance is based on the Boston setting, so each actor has to speak in a Boston accent and each character has the attitude of someone from Boston which are people who are tough and assertive. The acting creates a convincing effect due to accents which some characters have two accents from different parts of Massachusetts, while others even have Irish accents.

Meaning is created by shots because there are a large amount of mid shots since there is always someone talking to someone else, so it creates the meaning that in order to hide something a person has to be sneaky since people are always there.

I think there is a lot of open forms because the characters conversations are faced towards the audience and away from other actors. The conversations are addressed to the audience to inform them of what's going on and what the characters are thinking.

Meaning is created by editing and sequencing by allowing the story to go in order instead of jumping through back and forth through time, it's just a continuous story. The meaning of this is to show how the tension builds in each character which will release at the end.

Lighting is used to show meaning because the bad guys in the film are usually shot in a shaded area which means that they are sneaky in way, while most of the good guys are shot in well lighted areas to show the opposite.

Meaning is created by music because in some scenes they play music from an Irish American band that has an Irish style in the music to show the culture, as well as setting.

Meaning is created by location by the story taking place in the big city of Boston which creates a scary feeling since both characters are trapped by scary people such as the mob in a scary city.

The movie does use metaphors such as a rat running across the hand rail in the ending after all of the main characters dies. This is a metaphor because throughout the movie the characters refer to rats to the people who are double agents who inform the enemy of their business.

Meaning is created by special effects by showing how characters die and they die right in front of the audience so nothing is missed. This created meaning because it shows or lets the audience understand what will happen to the main characters if they are found out by their enemy.

The emotional information that is conveyed through the filmmaking process is that fear each character has to protect their life while maintaining their loyalty, not to be discovered and punished by their betrayal.

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