Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oral Presentation Critique

I start of with explaining what the movie is about, so the plot, and mentioning the characters portrayed in the film and their major roles. I mention the director and the other films he produced, comparing it to my film extract. There is factual based background information about the film as well as the setting and culture.

Scene analysis is used to show the character's emotions and its motivation for these emotions. does a good job of explaining the mis-en-scene, such as the characters, setting, and props. Addresses the socio cultural context by showing how the characters relate to the people who they are trying to portray. Evaluates the scene and show the importance of specific shots. Connects the characters to their culture, which they are acting as Irish Americans, and shows the elements that bring out the culture.

Shows how lighting and shading is used and the meaning behind its importance. I talk about the how the characters act which also connects to the culture in the movie because of their emotions and reactions. I show the importance of props and how that also brings out the characters in the film. I think I do a good job of explaining the importance of the scenes and the characters and also relating to the socio culture.

Mark: 19