Monday, April 11, 2011

Production Portfolio: "OUTLET"


The film our group made is called "OUTLET" and our working plan was to show how a boy uses basketball as his outlet to escape from his life. I thought it would be a great way to use sound to bring out the meaning of the film. I wanted to experiment with matching sound bridges to show the purpose of the film. The intended audience should be people who use certain things to escape from their problems. I thought this was a good idea because it was a useful way to incorporate sound into the project.

Word Count: 96


My areas of responsibility is mainly sound designer, but i have helped contributed with acting and have given some ideas with directing, cinematography, writing, and a little editing. One member in my group has taken the responsibility as script writer, cinematographer, and mostly director and the other member in my group has taken the responsibility of editor and has helped with sound design as well. In general, the whole group worked as a team has has contributed to each area of responsibility to an extent. This is a picture of me on a basketball hoop filming one of the shots for our basketball scene. Me and all of my group members have given advice to each other and has helped each team member with their area of responsibility. But all of us has mainly focused on our original areas of responsibility and have contributed the most work in their main responsibility or job.

Challenges that arose in my area of responsibility was finding the right music and sounds to fit the mood of the whole movie that would help increase its understanding and main focus. I mainly used the natural sounds of the actual scene and I had to follow the cinematographer around with a boom and shotgun mic to get each sound.I designed the soundtrack for the climax of the movie where the boy makes the final basketball shot. I made the soundtrack using the garageband app and have mixed together certain sounds that would be good for a dramatic or intense scene, which is the climax. I manipulated some sounds to match or create a soundbridge that serves as being a trigger for the boys flashbacks and what he's trying to escape from. For example, the transition from a basketball slamming on the floor and a book slamming on a desk had different sounds, so I had to copy the book sound and slow that down to replace the original book sound. This made the sound more deeper and similar to the basketball to show the connection. I used a heartbeat for most of the movie to show that its dramatic and to bring out the main character. 

Problems I solved had to do with finding the right sounds and making sure they were relevant to the story or movie and not random at all and also matching sounds. Some of these problems I solved by thinking of things that would be heard in a basketball game which is the dribbling of a basketball, the voice of a teammate and I also thought since basketball players put their bags on the sidelines, there could be a phone ringing as well. I matched these sounds to show that they are a trigger for the main characters by manipulating it to make it similar. Without the sound then the message of the film would become unclear, but it also depends on the cinematography to portray the message as well.

Problems that arose in the film as a whole was finding the setting of each shot, when and where, gathering all the actors for the film, and we also had problems with continuity. The problem with setting is that when we shot the basketball scene the first time, it was raining and we didn't finish the scene, so we were waiting for the next time it was going to rain and this was at a elementary school. Since we had to get a basketball team we needed a fair amount of actors, but some actors were busy at different times. Also since we didn't finish certain scenes that same day, we had to do it another day which effected the continuity of the movie.

We solved the problem of gathering all our actors for the movie by making plans ahead of time to make sure everyone was free to film or if a person was missing the we would find a replacement for that person. Since we couldn't find another raining day for the basketball scene and there were kids at the elementary school we had to reshoot the whole scene at another school so we can continue with continuity. But other continuity problems occurred with the cinematography, but these couldn't be fixed since we not capable of reshooting because of the weather. But we edited the movie to make the continuity issues less obvious so people won't notice them.

Overall I think the finished project is fairly good, but I would like to be able to correct some of the mistakes or improve on what we can do to better portray the message. I find the movie a little confusing, if I didn't know what the movie is about then I probably would be more confused. It is not the story that seems confusing, I think the way it is portrayed in the cinematography is what makes it a little confusing. Like in one scene I was next to the main character when the basketball was in the air, but then the next shot shows a different person which makes it confusing because the actors changed positions, which should have been caught by the director. Many shots seemed really short and there were a lot of tiny little shots that made up the movie and were all different. There are big problems with continuity that the cinematographer didn't take in consideration that it effects the movie. Many shots didn't portray the message well and were to short for the audience to know what is going on. In general, I thought the cinematography could have had more work into it. I think the story is a good way to incorporate sound into the project since sound triggers are used to carry on the story and inform the audience about what the movie is about and the purpose of the story as well. Therefore I only think the cinematography and maybe directing could be improved on.

Word Count: 984