Thursday, September 8, 2011

Character in Time

An old man waits at a bus stop in the busy modern streets of London. He seems as if life has no meaning as he stares down towards the road in front of him. Something catches his attention and he slowly glances to his right, fixing his eyes upon an old, abandoned zoo entrance. He starts walking toward it.

Inside there are old cages and pathways. The old man walks through as if he is very familiar of the place. He comes across an area with a sign that reads "Turtles". He walks up to the old worn out fence, running his fingers across the chain links as he continues to walk beside it. The old man stops and turns, resting his forearms on the railing. Everything is now new: he is back in the 1939. He looks inside to see himself waxing giant turtles, while everyone else watches with enjoyment. He remembers how he worked so hard to support his mother and his younger sister, while his father and older brother had joined the war effort. Nobody knew the war would last so long.

The old man looks up out of his flashbacks and into the present. He slowly walks to the edges of fence and further. He eventually reaches a opening. He looks out in the open to find that the rest of the zoo had been replaced by an enormous crater.

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