Monday, October 3, 2011

Run Lola Run Presentation Critique: Sound

My groups presentation focused on the sound design of the movie Run Lola Run. My slides are 4-6, Sound effects, Emotional Effects, and Symbols and motifs.

I. Interpretation
Sound Effects: The director uses many expressive sounds to emphasize many objects or actions within the shot. Lola falling down the stairs is an example because there are many sounds that a person wouldn't normally here and this gives awareness to the audience by making the fall seem more dramatic than it actually is. Since these sounds seem to be enhanced, it creates focus for the audience and also gets their attention. In one scene , the gun dropping makes an expressive yet almost surreal sound effect. This is the scene where many drops the gun when Lola gets shot and this is the only sound we here. The sound makes the noise of a heavy metal barbell hitting the floor instead of a more realistic noise. This id to grab the audiences attention because since the sound of the gun seems very heavy, it can mean that Manni has to deal with more weight on his shoulders and how he feels down and shocked by Lola's injury. 

Emotional Effects: Sound is constantly used to express the emotion of the characters. A faced paced beat is used to create a rise in tension throughout shots where the main characters seems most agitated, worried, or in most motion. When Lola speaks on the phone with Manni or when she is running, there is a faster tempo or beat. The sound also gives insight on what the characters are feeling. In conversation scenes, there is no sound which creates a sense of calmness and leads the audience into focusing on dialogue. This sense of calmness may serve to create a bigger surprise in the audience in the next scenes with a much faster pace.

Symbols and Motifs: Rapid beats may symbolize warped time as Lola runs to Manni in which she has 20 minutes to get the money, but it seems to last way longer. This shows how the time frame can be seen through sound as a faster tempo means Lola has less time as to no tempo or sound at all makes it seem like Lola has all the time in the world. This makes her 20 minutes seem impossible to achieve. Sound of camera flashes is a common motif throughout each run to represent a flash forward, as well as the flash forwards style. The tempo is a repeating motif as well, as a fast paced tempo is used throughout action scenes, but not in scenes with conversation. This shows a pattern between slow paced vs fast paced scenes as there is a certain tempo affiliated with the type of scene.

II.  Strengths of the Presentation
Some of the strengths of my presentation was that I was able to not use my note-card at all. I believe this allowed the audience to follow what I was saying and not become lost. This also allowed me to control my pacing because if I've noticed that when people read off their notes, then tend to read fast and the audience can understand what they are saying or have time to think.

III. Challenges and Areas for Improvement 
Some challenges that I faced was that when I am presenting, I tend to forget what I am going to talk about, so I start relying on what parts I remember. This is a challenge because I don't say all of what I want to say and then I feel like I am not portraying the important points and the overall message. Areas for improvement include using good film language or terminology. One student did say that it would have been better if I included more sound terms to get a better understanding or to show how much I know. I can also improve on speaking skills and learning not to get nervous would really help me stay calm and focused, which would help me present better.

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