Monday, October 3, 2011

Short Film Treatment 1: Fear

Logline:  A mystery... a boy is stalked by a HAUNTING figure.

Trucking shot starting from the right to the left of a boy doing push-ups in his room. The camera stops at the boys face. The boy does one more pushup. Establishing shot of the whole bedroom. Extreme closeup of the alarm. The alarm goes off at 6:00. Extreme closeup of the boy's face. Then back to the alarm, then boy's face (this repeats multiple times while getting faster and faster). Closeup of the alarm, the boy's hand slams it to turn it off. Close up of the boy sitting on his bed, rack focus to the agenda board behind him. The board reads "6:00". The boy sits there with a blank stare on his face. The camera pans over to the left, there is a dark shadowy figure of a man standing in the doorway staring.  The lights go out. Long shot of the house with all the lights going off. We hear a loud scream. cuts to black.

It's a bright day outside. From a distance away we see the boy walking towards the camera (in slow motion). Medium close up of his face, His face his happy. The boy is walking through a busy street. (still in slow motion) The boy walks past the camera covering what's in the background. and as he gets out of the shot, all we see is what's in the background.

Point of view shot. The boy is running from something (the camera is filming from his perspective). The camera turns, we see the shadowy figure chasing us. The bot wakes up from his dream. We are in his room. Close up of the clock. It is 6:00 exactly.

It's a bright day outside. From a distance away we see the boy walking towards the camera (in slow motion). Medium close up of his face, His face his worried. The boy is walking through a busy street. (still in slow motion) He walks toward the camera. As the boy passes the camera and is out of the shot, from a distance we see the same shadowy figure that was in his doorway.

We are back in the room. The boy does his daily routine of pushups. The boy stands up and turns to the mirror. He looks to the mirror to see the same dark figure in the reflection, standing outside his window. The boy turns to the window to see no one there. Close up of the clock. The clock reads 6:00.

The boy sits outside on a park bench. It's a nice day outside.

We are in the house. Close up on the ticking clock. It is almost 6:00. The ticks get slower and slower. Cuts to the opening scene where the boy is doing pushups . . . cuts to where he slams the alarm. Cuts to long shot of the house. The power goes out. We hear a loud scream. The front door of the house slams opens and the dark shadowy figure comes out. It quickly runs to the side moving out of the shot. It suddenly pops in front of the camera revealing a scary monstrous face. Cut to black.


  1. Your treatment was extremely interesting and calls for a lot of unique editing techniques that will glorify this film. You closely considered the time aspect of it and its importance to the film and the characters. The suspence and uncertainty is a good tactic especially with this genre of film, but maybe exposing a little more to the audience is necessary. Last, considering it is going to be a short film, i think its smart that you only focus primarily on one character; thus, giving him maximum development.

  2. I thought your idea of a horror type film was quite interesting because it didnt incorporate the goriness of regular horror films but still keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. You focus a lot on the time of 6 o clock but im afraid if you focus on only one time that would limit the movie from further development. Also you'll need more character development besides him doing push ups or else the short film will be too basic.

  3. Ok so I liked your idea of doing a horror film since we don't do a lot of horror or anything relative to it at all in this class. I also like that it's a horror film that has a daytime setting because it's a situation that not very many horror films use. I really like this idea because showing the murderer hidden but in daytime builds up the anticipation very well because then it's obvious whats coming for the main character. I do think though that while this is a very interesting concept if done properly, giving the expected level of fear that people expect from a horror film is difficult during the day. With the 'bad guy' already revealed so obviously it sort of makes me underestimate the danger of the situation.