Monday, November 14, 2011

Trailer Review- 300

This trailer is for the movie "300" where a Spartan army has to battle against the great Persian army. This movie depicts the actual Battle of Thermopylae between cities of Greece and the Persian Empire. King Leonidas leads 300 of his soldiers into Thermopylae to defend his city from a Persian invasion lead by King Xerxes. He takes only 300 as he cannot go to war without the oracle's consent and has an excuse that they are his body guards and he is just going for a walk. During the movie, The army ends up fighting against thousands or millions of Persians. There is a lot of action such as fighting and a lot of intense scenes of the many battles the 300 Spartans endure.

The cinematography is very enjoyable as it has a different style and graphic as most movies. The cinematography makes the setting seem dark, which adds to the feeling of the movie as a whole and also makes it more intense. The close ups on the people also make the movie seem intense as the closeups put the audience closer to the subject a giving the feeling that we are there. There are a lot of long shots of the scenes with fighting and most of the trailer is composed of these type of shots. This makes the movie seem really entertaining and gives off the message that there is a lot of fighting.

The editing starts of with scenes that seem slow and transitions through each of these scenes with a fade in and out. These scenes establish the setting and story. Then we hear voices that are yelling and are followed by a lot of fighting scenes. The fast cutting between different fighting scenes makes the movie more intense and the voice over transitions show characterization of the two different armies, as the Persian army seems weak, while the Spartan army seems strong and unstoppable. This is also emphasized by the scenes that seem to show the Persian army losing and the Spartan army killing and overcoming the many different obstacles they face that seem to be impossible to manage. The feeling of impossibility also glorifies the Spartan army and portrays them as unbeatable. Then the trailer ends with the title.

The sound starts off dramatic in the begging scenes that show the sympathy portrayed in the establishing shots like of King Leonidas' family. Then the music turns into a certain type of rock music that fits with the fighting scenes that come after. This also makes the movie seem more action affiliated making it more intense as well. This type of music categorizes the movie as an action because of the emotion the audience gets from it. The sounds that we hear in each scene seems to be of one noise like the scene with the giant rhino. This characterizes each scene as they all have one different sound that is emphasized over the others in the scenes. This gives the audience insight on what types of different action that is going to be in the overall movie.