Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Most Valuable Minutes from "Taxi Driver"

The 5 minutes I thought was most valuable was from 8:40-13:40 of this video. This scene was selected because it seemed to best represent the recurring motifs that are scene throughout the movie. The scene starts out with Travis pointing the gun and posing in the mirror then saying "You're dead". The next scene shows the city with the smog in the background to represent the filth and the water also represents cleaning up the city. This relates to the rest of the movie because Travis goes through internal suffering because he lives in a world full of crime, hate, and "scum". The juxtaposition with these shots shows how Travis wants to clean up the city through violence as he points the gun practicing then cuts to the water. I think this is what the director intends when he puts these to shots together.

The next scene starts out with Travis walking in the store and in a short time, he ends up killing a black person who was just trying to rob the store. This shows how Travis sort of looks down on blacks as he thinks they are causing to many problems and are the ones who make the city the bad place that it is. This is the first time Travis kills someone in the movie so the audience sees how he has grown in character becoming the anti-hero that he is.

Then later on, after the scene where he kicks the TV over, Travis is waiting outside the Palantine campaign as Palantine is giving a speech where the audience hears him say "We the people have suffered". This is also important to the film because it adds to Travis' anger and motive to want to kill Palantine as he is eyeing him with bad intentions. Since Palantine represents the people, Travis believes he may be causing the city to be so bad and is encouraging the "scum" to thrive and support him.

After this, there is an interior monologue of Travis writing a letter to his parents. He is sending a card, but he lies about his life and how he has a girlfriend and is in the secret service. He seems to be a little irrational as he is writing to his parents, but does not know there birthdays and says that July is the month of their anniversary, father's day, and mother's birthday. This shows how Travis is starting to mentally deteriorate which the audience can see that Travis is becoming more darker and becoming the anti-hero.

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