Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Logline: A boy lives in a corrupted society and is disgusted by the people he sees around him as he is isolated and has nothing to do and nothing to live for, but acts no differently when he comes across a women in need.

Boy stares at himself in the mirror, examining himself with curiosity, trying to figure out who he is and why he’s here. The boy is in a public bathroom. It’s beaten up and wore down as society has taken its toll on the place, reflecting its true nature on its walls.The boy doesn’t look that great either. His eyes are dark and swollen. He is worn out. His clothes are old. The boy looks at the writing on the wall, there are many words, but only chooses to look at one. “Home”. He leaves the bathroom with a limp.

He enters the street, walking under an overpass. Its daytime, yet its dark under the overpass, the boy likes the shade. As he transitions from the dark overpass to the bright day, he squints with his hand blocking the sun from his eyes. He’s not used to the light, he despises it and puts on his hood. He continues walking. He’s walking through the streets of the city. Analyzing every person he passes. Looking at them with piercing eyes. Looking at them with disgust. Looking at everyone with disgust.

He walks to the park and sits on the bench. A dog with a leash around its neck approaches him. The boy is excited and pets the dog with childish fun and friendliness. The owner rushes in their direction, apologizing to the boy and treating the dog with disrespect. Ferociously grabbing it by the collar yelling at it. Even before the dog is yanked away from him, he mugs the owner. We see that the owner has this awkward look on his face as if he did something wrong. The owner walks away, awkwardly saying goodbye with a sense of confusion. A few seconds pass, the boy gets up abruptly and walks away. He is annoyed.  

He walks on the street again. The city buildings are dirty. The people around him are corrupted and filthy. Many homeless and many who seem like criminals. He passes by an alley. He looks into it as he is walking, but doesn’t intend to go in. Yet something catches his attention. He sees two men hiding something behind a dumpster. They run off. The boy stops walking and looks with confusion and concern. He walks to where the men were hiding the object. He walks in fear. He reaches his destination and slowly looks over behind the dumpster. It’s a foot. He moves the dumpster to reveal a body of a women lying on the dirty ground, badly beaten up. The boy drops to his knees and picks the women up to find out that she is still alive. She mutters help. She becomes unconscious. The boy gets up and takes a few steps back and turns away.

The men return. They are behind the boy. The boy turns towards them. He looks at the two men. Their faces are rough and their clothes are worn out. Then he looks back at the women. He starts to run, but doesn’t even move two feet before the men grab him. They beat him up. They leave the boy on the ground. They walk away. The boy continues to lie on the ground. A few seconds pass before the boy gets up. He sits for a few more seconds coughing. He stands up and limps away to exit the alley. He leaves the women.

It’s night. The boy is limping under the under pass. The same under pass that he walked through earlier that day. He walks to the bathroom and enters. It is the same public bathroom he was in before. He stumbles to the floor, his face to the wall and his chin on the floor.

The boy gathers up the strength to raise his hand. His hand is raised up against the wall. He’s moving his hand profoundly. He seems to be writing something. He writes the word “Home”. He stares at it for a few seconds and then passes out. He wakes up. Its daytime. He washes his hands and face. Uses his shirt to dry them off. Boy stares at himself in the mirror, examining himself with curiosity, trying to figure out who he is and why he’s here. The boy looks at the writing on the wall “Home”. (It is the same exact scene as the beginning). He leaves the bathroom with a limp. Its a bright day outside. He walks.